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There are a number of core Architectural services that will assist in developing the optimum design outcomes, as well as creating a sustainable and livable home or work environment.


Concept Design: Concept design consists of two elements. Gathering site and briefing information to establish the parameters for the project. Confirming the existing conditions and neighbourhood context. Then proceeding to develop a concept design, sketches and early design plans for the client’s consideration and approval


Design Development: Once a preferred approach has been confirmed the design will be developed in greater detail. This includes both the interior and exterior look, façade design and working with specialist consultants. Materials and construction methods will be investigated.


Construction Documentation: Documentation for construction will combine further co-ordination of specialist consultants, including energy assessment and regulatory review. General plans, details plans such and floor finishes and electrical, interior elevations and critical details are prepared. Selection of materials and finishes will be complied in schedules. Lighting, tapware and other fittings and fixtures will be noted. A written specification is prepared to clarify the scope of works and instructions to the builder. These documents will be the basis of the final proposal given to the builder for construction.

Interior Design

Interior design is a core architectural service. However, at times a project will require limited structural alterations. Chromaticity also provides services for smaller interior projects such as a new kitchen or bathroom.


Services may include design and layout, joinery detailing and selection of finishes, as well as the selection of lighting and other fittings and fixtures.Interior Design - layouts, details, selections & specifications

Town Planning

Town Planning can be required for a number of reasons. If your property is in a heritage overlay, a flood zone or other trigger overlays Chromaticity provides services to prepare and lodge town planning applications. As well as liaise with council during the processing and approval of your project.


Chromaticity will balance design requirements and council objectives for the best outcome.

The Construction Process

The Architect has a number of roles during the Construction Process.

It is important to select the right builder for your project. Chromaticity can provide services for preparing the tender documents and run the tender including attending site inspections with builders and responding to requests for information.


Once the tenders are received Chromaticity can discuss the costings and breakdowns with the clients to assist in their selection of the successful builder.


The next stage is contract administration. The first step is setting about the contract between the builder and the client. From the commencement of the construction the Architect has two roles. Firstly to be the advocate for the client and ensure the design intent is followed. Attending regular site meetings and responding to any questions from the builder.


Secondly the Architect acts as an independent assessor to observe the progress of the project and report to the client. Additionally the Architect assesses the builder’s claims and instructs the builder throughout the construction.


It is important to acknowledge the Architect does not supervise the builder, but rather observes to ensure the best design outcome for the client.

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